3 Reasons to Fertilize Your Lawn

3 Reasons to Fertilize Your Lawn

We’re available for lawn fertilization in Billings, MT

GrassMasters of Billings is a trusted choice for residential and commercial lawn care in Billings, MT. Here are a few reasons to hire us for your lawn fertilization:

  1. Grass needs nitrogen. Does your lawn have a yellow or yellow-green color cast? Does it suffer from spottiness, slow growth or an unusual number of weeds? The problem could be nitrogen deficiency. Fertilizer will infuse your lawn with this all-important nutrient.
  2. Fertilizer prevents fairy rings. Does your lawn have round patches of dark green grass with dead grass in the center? Though they sound magical, fairy rings are the result of a fungal disease. Nitrogen is a key part of removing fungus from your yard.
  3. Fertilizer helps grass survive the seasons. The extreme temperatures of the summer and winter can devastate an undernourished lawn. Prepare your grass to survive the season through proper fertilization.

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GrassMasters of Billings specializes in residential lawn fertilization, but we’re also available for commercial contracts. Call us at 406-672-4346 to get a free estimate for your Billings, Montana lawn treatment.